Fondé en 1947 à Strasbourg, le Groupe Wolf Lingerie a évolué pour devenir un acteur majeur de la lingerie, avec des marques reconnues comme Sans Complexe Lingerie et Billet Doux. Employant environ 180 collaborateurs répartis à travers le monde, nous nous engageons à un modèle de distribution omnicanal qui assure une présence globale cohérente et efficace.

Avec des équipes en France, en Italie, en Belgique, à Hong Kong, Dongguan et Dhaka, nous sommes idéalement positionnés pour répondre rapidement et efficacement aux besoins de nos clients et partenaires. Cette localisation nous permet de garantir un contrôle de qualité et une réactivité exemplaires, tant en Europe qu’en Asie.
Hong Kong

Our mission

At Wolf Lingerie, we dedicate our expertise to supporting women in their plurality and role through lingerie, offering creations that perfectly meet their needs and desires. Each piece reflects a perfect blend of comfort and elegance, ensuring that each woman finds her unique expression.

Our strategy

Driven by a desire to satisfy all women, we continue to expand our presence in France and internationally to reach a wider clientele. Our strategy is based on a balance between tradition and innovation: our heritage of know-how enriches our creativity, while our modern approach stimulates our dynamism.

Nos valeurs


At the heart of Wolf Lingerie, ethics guides all our actions and strategies, ensuring flawless integrity in all our exchanges.

The passion

The foundation of our corporate culture, passion fuels our creativity and our desire to innovate, engaging each member of our team in a positive dynamic.


In a competitive sector, our ambition pushes us to seek excellence in terms of product and service quality and respect for our partners.

The requirement

We promote self-improvement, combining skills, talents and professionalism to explore new opportunities and diversify our offer.

Wolf Lingerie in a few figures:

52 million
Euros in turnover
6.5 million
of products sold annually
2.5 million
of female consumers in Europe
25 countries
in which we are present,
including 6 with our active team
distributor customers
people in our teams,
including 76% women.

“We put all our know-how at the service of women, so that everyone can afford beautiful lingerie, adapted to their needs and desires.”

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