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Our recruitment policy

Our recruitment policy
Our recruitment policy

«Non-discrimination, confidentiality and transparency are the principles at the heart of our commitments. »

Recruiting means preparing for the future. Our employees are essential to our performance. As a company that is constantly developing, Wolf Lingerie applies an ambitious human resources policy with a dual objective: to promote staff in-house so as to offer them the best possible career opportunities and to bring in new talent.


Non-discrimination, confidentiality and transparency are the principles at the heart of our commitments.

When we recruit, we undertake, as required by law, never to base our selection on non-professional considerations such as religion, age, gender, political opinion, ethnic origin or disability. The principles of diversity and equality are duly respected.

All the information provided by job applicants is for the exclusive use of the Human Resources department and the people directly involved in the recruitment process. All those involved in this process are bound by a duty of confidentiality, truth and transparency and will not use the information received for any other purposes. Once processed, applications are kept for a maximum of one year by the Human Resources department.