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The Wolf Group launches Playboy men’s underwear!

Playboy11 August 2016
After the successful launch of PLAYBOY lingerie for women, the WOLF Group is now focusing on men, based on this powerful insight : “Real men are not ancient heroes or sporting gods. They are sensitive men who live their life just as they are. That’s the secret of their success. They are PLAYBOYS.” The PLAYBOY men’s underwear collection is like them: Impertinent, creative and popular. The styles are sporty, the fabrics soft and comfortable and, above all, the looks unmistakeable, featuring the iconic “Rabbit head design’’. Sold in packs of 2 or as single items, depending on the range, the complete collection will be available for Spring-Summer 2017, with part of the offer available earlier, in October 2016. For the launch of its PLAYBOY Men’s Underwear collection, the Wolf Group is working with the “Steve” agency.  

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