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Sans Complexe

Sans Complexe

Sans Complexe: expertise and know-how dedicated to the bigger bust

For 20 years, Sans Complexe has been setting off curvy figures to their best advantage. It offers high-quality lingerie that is beautiful and creative. The brand’s identity is strengthened by each season’s new collection: guaranteed style and outstanding comfort.

Sans Complexe also proposes two exceptional themes emphasising elegance and femininity. The rich and delicate detailing of the­ models illustrates the excellence of French embroiderers and lacemakers. Faithful to the spirit of the brand, these lines place the emphasis on glamour, refined ornamental­ details and elaborate construction.

Sans Complexe

Arum, the best-seller

With over 2 million items sold every year, Arum is the must-have in our collections. For over 10 years, this best-selling line has been an iconic element in Sans Complexe femininity. Already available in several colours, it is constantly reinventing itself to surprise and delight.

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